Truly Rich Club SAM Stock Alert – Time To SELL!

SAM Stock SELL alert is one of the many reasons why I joined Truly Rich Club. This is one of the most anticipated email for all the members of the club. Many club members will end up smiling after they read it.

According to COL Financial, the growth of my money in this Stock is at 20%. That means I beat the inflation and most of all my money grows while I’m sleeping (passive income).

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Below is a copy of the SAM Stock Alert:

Hi Lemuel,

Last November 7, 2014 we sent a Stock Alert to hold on to *** first,
having hit our Target Price of P1** at that time. The hold was advised by
our stock market mentor to wait for how the market to settle having been
affected by the MSCI rebalancing.

Now, *** is again retesting its assent towards our Target Price of
However, this time, we have been given a go signal to SELL *** once it
hits P1**. As I write this (Nov. 17 – 10:44AM), *** is at P1**.**.

So when it hits our TP of P1***, this means Christmas comes early for
some of you this year!

Obviously, I don’t mean you withdraw the proceeds of the sale from the
Stock Market! As always, I want you to reinvest these gains to our other
SAM stocks under their Buy Below Price so that you can grow and compound
your investment more.

NOTE: If you have put a lot of money in the market (because you’re not
just starting to invest but have been doing this for some years), DO NOT
OVER-INVEST in one of our recommended companies. I repeat–if you have
lots of money in the market already, see to it that you only hold a maximum
of 15% of your money in any single company. That way, you always keep

In fact, Brother Bo will be coming out with a new concept in our
Strategic Averaging Method this week. Watch for it.

Mike Viñas
Senior Stocks Update Editor, Truly Rich Club
Investment Trainer, COL Financial Group, Inc.

What do you think about this SAM Stock SELL ALERT?

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