PAM Stock Picks – DD A Beast Like Daenerys Dragon

I am a fan of Game Of Thrones, one of the character is Daenerys Targaryen who is the dragon lady because she has three Dragons. They are vicious and they can invade a town easily. Just like the next PAM Stock Picks – it’s a new vicious stock that can take-off and invade your portfolio easily.


Double Dragon Properties (DD) is the new baby of Jollibee founder Tony Tan Caktiong and Mang Inasal owner Edgar Injap Sia II. These is a bold move of Tony because this is the first time that he will invest in a property company. That makes it risky to invest in DD. But the backing of Henry Sy took away that risk.

Reasons Why I Invested To Double Dragon

1. DoubleDragon envisions its CityMall brand to be the first community malls chain that will cater to an underserved sector of retail market (COL Financial). That means it will not compete with bigger Malls like SM Mall, Robinson and etc. DD’s target is 100 CityMalls by 2020. Which most analyst believes it is achievable.

2. Partnership with JFC and SM. Even with this partnership, it doesn’t mean that Double Dragon’s CityMall brand will be successful but it will have a much better rate of success. Brands like Jollibee and SM attracts more customer as compared to other consumer based brands.

Because of the reasons above, I believe that it will soar high like Daenerys Targaryen Dragons. It is hard to speculate because it is a new stock. My strategy is long term investment like the Truly Rich Club SAM Stocks. For now I will set the Buy Below Price to 20% so that I can maximise the earnings.

double dragon stock picks

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